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Maritime industry of every maritime nation determines the economical status quo of the commercial activities of such country. Nigeria is a maritime nation. Hence, there is need of adequate and urgent maritime education.
The maritime education field we offer at Nigerian Merchant Navy Academy is mainly divided into three (3):

                       Nautical Science (Marine Navigation),
                             Marine Engineering,
                             Shipping management.

With increase awareness of the maritime trade in the country which is reflected by increase in fleet of vessels on: off – shore oil activities, industrial fishing operations, transportation of goods like, liquefied natural gas (LNG), general containers and others within and outside the country. There is need for competitive and qualitative trainings.


These 3 maritime courses are mainly professional courses. They are    administered via. Federal Ministry of Transport. Maritime Inspectorate Division (MID), Apapa, Lagos State, Nigeria and other professional bodies like, Nigeria Institute of Shipping (NIS), Chartered Institute of Shipping (CIS), Institute of Transport Administration (I0TA), Institute of Export etc.
The M.I.D. is controlled by the Government Inspector on Shipping (GIS). This organ is the recognized examination body by                  International Maritime Organization (IMO) to conduct examinations for marine engineers and marine navigators for seamen under the United Nations (UN). The body conducts examinations twice (2 times) in a year. However, the exact date is available at the MID. Apapa or any other institute concerned.

Nigerian Merchant Navy Academy (NIMENA) offers three (3) years course
in Nautical Science and Marine Engineering Departments: such that the students receive intensive theoretical lectures in the academy for two (2) years. One (1) year period is spent  

On industrial training programme with a shipping company before the cadets may be qualified to sit for professional examination as stipulated by IMO.

The students in Shipping Management undergo an intensive lecture class of two (2) years thereafter proceed on one (1) year attachment before they are qualified to site for their professional examination which is conducted by IE, NIS,CIS & IOTA.


Among other Teaching and Educational available in the Institute are:

  1. Well equipped workshop for Marine Engineering cadets.
  2. Laboratory for nautical Science, shipping Management and Marine Engineering cadets.
  3. Practical training facilities on engineering (caterpillars earth moving machineries) at a nearly construction company.
  4. Practical training on welding technology at a nearby workshop.
  5. Well furnished and ventilated classroom.
  6. Computer for basic information technology.
  7. Radio telephone equipment. A function V.H.F
  8. Sextant and navigational equipment.
  9. Net loft Gear Technology practical.
  10. Seamanship workshop with model of passengers and cargo ships.
  11. Model of a narrow channel with navigational buoys, etc.



PMI is endowed with seasoned, competent and qualified good lectures with over twelve (12) lecturers which handle various courses on full time and weekend bases.


As a testimony, we have great number of graduates of this vocational training institute who have assets to the institute,                         their respective employers and their families. Some maritime industries who have benefit from our programme attest to                           this Among which are:

  1. Nigeria port Authority, Warri, Delta State
  2. Underwater engineering, papa
  3. Bold Shipping Company Limited, Apapa
  4. Emarco Shipping Company Limited, Lagos
  5. Savannah Shipping Company Limited, Now Shrimpers Nigeria Limited, Apapa
  6. Al-Dawood Shipping Company Ltd., Apapa
  7. Ocean Fisheries Limited, Apapa
  8. Ship & Shore Nigeria Limited, Victoria Island
  9. Redfern Ocean Line, Ikeja


NIMENA has one of the best maritime schools library with:
Marine Engineering department          =  > 100 Books.  
Shipping Management department     =  > 100 Books.
Nautical Science department               =   > 200 Books


NIGERIAN MERCHANT NAVY ACADEMY is a vocational training institute. The trainees that pass through the academy have advantage of traveling to overseas for further studies.

Every upstream oil company requires services of various marine engineers, navigators and shipping management hands for  employment. There are many of these upstream oil companies springing up in Nigeria. Furthermore, there are more than 2,000 ships registered in Nigeria and along the coast of West Africa. Each ship requires a Captain, Navigation officers, Deck Hands, Chief Engineer, Engineering Officers, Engine Room Rating Watch and many more for a challenging career at sea. You may earn a salary of N25,000:00K to N100,000:00K at home or between $2,500 to $6,000 per month abroad upon completion of your course and professional qualification.
Your employment can be arranged. While you are still young and developing, we recommend that you give yourself a flying start at NIGERIAN MERCHANT NAVY ACADEMY to qualify as a Deck/Engine/Shipping Manager.
It is a good challenge we offer you. So make a decision today.

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